The Lynn Crowley School  of  Thought  teaches  the  HOW


​                               L.I.F.E©  is a Mind-Brain-Education technique that teaches

                                     children how to move skills from the learning environment                                            







Children, 3 years and older, learn L.I.F.E©  through interactive, hands on activities.


taught           taught          taught              taught           taught                  





WHO          WHAT        WHEN          WHERE        WHY           HOW

"Remember to use it"

is                  is                  is                     is                  is

to real life.

L.I.F.E©   teaches  the  following  life  skills:


HOW to transfer a learned skill from the learning environment to real life is not taught.

Developmental Play Skills
Executive Function Skills
Perspective Taking Skills
Mindfulness Skills
Cognitive Skills
Emotional Skills
Social Skills
Language Skills
Communication Skills

Academic Skills
Critical Thinking Skills​

HOW to transfer a learned skill from the learning environment to real life is advised.



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